6 sentences with 'level'

Example sentences and phrases with the word level and other words derived from it.

« The bottom was already below the level of the second floor when the elevator stopped again and the lights went out. »
« By carefully palpating at the level of the fist, the Chinese doctor would define the condition and order a treatment. The Chinese had realized that the pulse was a reflection of blood circulation and wrote many treatises such as The Classic of Pulses by Wang Shu Ho (256-317). »
« Glucose is the main sugar in the blood, where its level is tightly controlled by hormones such as insulin. »
« "There is no scientific subject that cannot be explained at a popular level. So said Carl Sagan. »
« She has no interest in "moving up" to some other level of the educational system. »
« You may not be looking for the level of fun that kids find in their "jobs," but you will be able to find physical exercise that you enjoy. »

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