9 sentences with 'camels'

Example sentences and phrases with the word camels and other words derived from it.

« "Donkeys and camels came here from Africa in the 16th century. They were used to transport the heavy wooden gamellones that were filled with grapes during the grape harvest," says Brito. »
« Riding their swift horses and camels and dedicated to their cause, the Arab armies conquered vast amounts of territory very quickly. »
« The greatest tactical advantage of Arab armies was their speed: horses and camels were less important as fighting animals than as means of transport for lightly armed and equipped armies. »
« Also, one specific military 'technology' that the Arabs used to great effect was camels, as no other culture was as adept in the training and use of camels as the Arabs. »
« In addition, camels avoid eliminating water by producing highly concentrated urine and dry faecal matter. »
« Researchers turn camels into mobile dairies to populate the desert and end hunger. »
« The inhabitants of desert areas would be surprised by the incredible possibilities offered by their relationship with camels, which have amazing mechanisms of adaptation to the hostile environment in which they live; and they could never suspect that, in the camel, the solution to the problem that has always burdened desert populations: hunger. »
« For example, many attempts were made to acclimatise camels on the island of Java, but all failed because none of the imported camels reproduced, and the adult individuals died within a short time because of the climate and the strange food. »
« Until about 600 AD, most Africans were hunter-gatherers. Where water was too scarce for agriculture, pastoralists kept sheep, goats, cattle or camels. »

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