8 sentences with 'bark'

Example sentences and phrases with the word bark and other words derived from it.

« We came to a lone birch tree with magnificent white bark that stood out among a cluster of brownish maples. »
« The birch bark case that Ótzi was carrying, the specialist determined, must have contained charcoal embers wrapped in green leaves. This form of fire preservation is still in use among the nomads of Tibet. »
« The answer to this protection lies in propolis, a powerful natural antibiotic that bees themselves make from bark resins, tree buds and digestive enzymes. »
« With their mandibles, the bees press and peck at the bark and buds to extract the resinous and gummy substances needed to form the support element, the medium in which they will deposit hormones and digestive enzymes that complete the chemical composition of the propolis. »
« With resins from bark, tree buds and digestive enzymes, the bees make propolis (from the Greek Pro: forward, Polis: city) which is placed at the entrance of the hive to prevent the passage of viruses and bacteria. »
« Liquid vilca is prescribed as a purgative and detoxifier. The bark of the plant is used for tanning hides and the wood is used to build naval piles, poles, sleepers and barrels. Some species of Anadenanthera prevent lung infections and are abortifacient. »
« Pandas make a variety of sounds: they bleat, chirp, snort, snort, snort and even bark like a dog if frightened. »
« collect whole land plants or parts of them (branches, bark, fruits, seeds, etc.); place them between sheets of newspaper to form a herbarium at school. »

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