6 sentences with 'nose'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nose and other words derived from it.

« We noticed that the dog had a whiter nose and that sometimes, when we tapped him on his right side, he would let out a whimper of pain. »
« With her hair on fire and smoke in her nose, Rona scooped up the first child she could - five-year-old Cheryl - ran down the stairs to the courtyard and set the little girl at the foot of a banana tree. »
« Good God! -he exclaimed. Zach had lacerations all over his face, his nose crushed and bits of torn skin hanging from his mouth and right cheek. »
« With his nose to the ground, the dog crossed the grass to a spot next to the fence of a small zoo. On the muddy path there, the rescuer discovered the child's footprints. »
« In Joliet, Illinois, a four-month-old sleeping baby rolled onto a plastic bag left on his bed. As he breathed, he sucked the plastic against his nose and mouth, creating an airtight mask. Minutes later, his father found him dead. »
« The nose sieve: Nasal mucus is the first defence against the millions of bacteria that are constantly trying to invade our body. Those that survive the action of the powerful chemicals in this mucus are expelled or pass into the stomach, where gastric juices kill them off. »

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