16 sentences with 'with'

Example sentences and phrases with the word with and other words derived from it.

« Afterwards, a doctor would speak with me and my wife, Margaret, to review the results and discuss treatment. »
« I put off the appointment with the urologist. »
« -Sometimes men with enlarged prostate glands have very high concentrations of PSA without showing any symptoms of cancer," he said. »
« He had also secured a part-time job with the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO), which had a strong interest in both nature conservation and the Coto Doñana refuge. »
« Trained as a biologist, Javier worked with the park's board of trustees from 1979 to 1986, but resigned, disenchanted, because the board did almost nothing to protect the preserve. »
« It was then that he joined forces with Carlos Martín, who had been appointed director of nature conservation at the SEO (Spanish Ornithological Society). »
« We'll have to make do with what she has and what I can earn from my future books. »
« There he graduated with highest honors in 1929. »
« In the week I was with him, they were calling him daily because he had offered to fund a creative writing program. »
« From the book punch, fastened with a string, hung the Maltese Cross of the Croix de Guerre, the medal France awards in recognition of valor in war. »
« His plots dealt with the courage, sacrifice and discipline he had observed in the British military stationed in the country, and with the mystery and danger that prevailed in India. »
« Thus Kipling's godson was christened with his own son's name in French..., and another father knew the hope and joy Kipling had experienced in seeing his son become a man. »
« He fell in love with her almost instantly. »
« The doctor had thought that with a few blows he could drive the wedge into the sternum and open it cleanly in half. »
« The pericardium was bulging, filled with blood that looked dark because of its low oxygen content. »
« Sometimes we have to allow others to laugh with us, and even at us. »
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