5 sentences with 'ultrasonic'

Example sentences and phrases with the word ultrasonic and other words derived from it.

« the ultrasonic aspirator, a vibrating instrument similar to a pencil, which disintegrates tumor tissue and dislodges it by suction. »
« A nurse passed her the tiny ultrasonic transducer. Since ultrasound was perfected about twenty years ago, it is possible to track tumors in the same way that obstetricians record the activity of a fetus. »
« I use the ultrasonic transducer over and over again during the operations, not only to control the dissection, but also to detect cysts around the tumor. The cysts must be drained at the same time as the tumor is destroyed. »
« The ultrasonic beam of a horseshoe-nosed bat, an ugly critter if ever there was one, has the power, scaled up, of an anti-aircraft searchlight. In a volume of hundreds of cubic metres of empty air, this little monster with wings like umbrellas and ears like eyes can clearly perceive the tiny speck of a moth, which it then tries to invite to a "business lunch" with the guest, like any other menu. »
« For lobsters, the best of concerts at the Teatro Col√≥n would be an absolute bore. Although they can hear, they are only able to detect ultrasonic sounds more than two octaves above the highest audible note that humans can pick up. They have a tympanic membrane (i.e. hearing structure), but nature has managed to make some insects hear by using the respiratory system. »

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