8 sentences with 'employee'

Example sentences and phrases with the word employee and other words derived from it.

« It is not uncommon for a company to fire an employee as soon as they find out they have cancer, even if they invariably give other reasons. »
« In making his point, the employee showed his colleagues that he is a bright and creative man, but he also proceeded tactfully, as he approached the issue from the point of view of customer preferences. »
« Let him or her know, as an employee, that you care about your boss's success. Find out what his goals are, and do everything you can to help him achieve them. »
« His boss was so pleased that he promoted the employee to assistant marketing manager of the company. »
« My wife worked at a country music radio station where another employee was famous for his imaginative excuses for his usual tardiness. »
« The employee prepares the stones for shipment to the city of Perth, where they will be sorted, appraised and examined for flaws. »
« For every "excellent" on their report card, the employee receives 1,000 points, and for every "good", 500. The points can be exchanged for merchandise, theatre tickets or money to pay for university studies and buy books. »
« The owner of the company called an employee into his office. »

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