10 sentences with 'your'

Example sentences and phrases with the word your and other words derived from it.

« -I have the results of your study," she began. »
« -This is common in men your age," he said. There was nothing to worry about. »
« -I want to say something to all the men here: if you don't know your AEP blood concentration, find out today! »
« Visit your gynecologist periodically for a check-up and to be informed about scientific advances. »
« -How are your daughters? -He replied, letting me know he didn't want to talk about him anymore. »
« Let's go to your house, which is a mud building with a vegetable garden. »
« If there is little mobility at your job, you may want to look elsewhere. »
« Talking about your goals will get you noticed in your job, but then you will have to prove yourself. »
« Each time you accept new responsibilities in your job, write down your accomplishments. This record of your accomplishments will help you in two ways: you can use it to modify your job description, and to add favorable data to your resume. »
« I think I know someone who can help your son with this disease," he told them. It's Dr. Fred Epstein. »

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