Sentences with 'unhealthy'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unhealthy and other words derived from it.

« It is believed that brain capacities can be maintained in old age. This is based on the lucid old age of geniuses such as Einstein, and from them the need to "train" the brain is suggested. Not in an unhealthy way: different studies have shown that overwork produces more mistakes than successes. »
« The rectangular face: The long, thin cheeks give this face a very soft and fragile air. The disadvantage is that the eyes appear to be close together, which can lead to a slightly unhealthy look. All shades of blue, pink and plum are recommended for fards, blusher and lip rouge. »
« To avoid such an unhealthy diet and also the hunger of no more patients, our doctor buys himself a more powerful computer and some expert diagnostic systems, very efficient and fast programs to pinpoint the etiological cause of any disease through the sometimes diffuse tangle of symptoms. »
« The mill owners planted flowers and trees to maintain the appearance of a rural New England village and to preempt arguments, made by many, that mill work was unnatural and unhealthy. »

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