6 sentences with 'quarter'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quarter and other words derived from it.

« Mike had lost about a quarter of his blood after the accident and the operation. »
« Among other things, the Mesopotamians were the first to discover the 365 (and a quarter) days of the year and to establish those days in a fixed calendar. »
« Its population was only a quarter of France's and its monarchy was comparatively weak; just as France was reorganising along absolutist lines, England's monarchy was beset by powerful landowners with traditional privileges that they were not at all willing to relinquish. »
« In the late 19th century printers began to make paper from wood pulp, which brought it down to a quarter of the previous price. »
« Africa accounts for about a quarter of the world's land area, and in the 1880s had about a fifth of the world's population. »
« The Nazi extermination camps, however, were designed for one purpose: to kill people. There were only six of them in total, and most were very small - often around a quarter of a square mile in size. All were located in occupied Poland, near railway lines and hidden in forests far from the main population centres. »

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