6 sentences with 'places'

Example sentences and phrases with the word places and other words derived from it.

« There are perhaps more depressing places in a hospital than the radiology department, but not many. »
« He visited many places where war events took place and participated in numerous events on behalf of the commission. »
« The stewardess places a tray in front of me. »
« The members of Squad One took their places in the truck (Don Beahm at the wheel, Wes Loucks at his side, in charge of the radio, and, in the rear, Bruce Thompson and Daniel Hershey) and went to the scene along with four pumper trucks, two ladder trucks and an ambulance. »
« In all these places, centres have been set up around the natural springs and pools, tanks and baths have been set up to complement the treatments. »
« On the other hand, Plato places Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, "beyond the Pillars of Hercules", known today as the Strait of Gibraltar. He even speaks of a continent to the west of it. »

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