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Example sentences and phrases with the word radioactive and other words derived from it.

« There are three types of radioactive particles: alpha, beta and gamma. »
« Alpha radioactive particles, because of their relatively large mass, can be stopped even by a sheet of paper and usually cannot penetrate the outer layer of dead skin cells. »
« Beta radioactive particles can penetrate about one centimetre into tissues, and damage can occur to the skin but not to internal organs, unless ingested or breathed in. »
« Excavations along a river valley on the edge of Kenya have revealed hundreds of fragments of skulls, teeth, vertebrae and phalanges, which radioactive potassium has been used to date back some two and a half million years. »
« Lead, for example, is the final element of the three naturally occurring radioactive families headed by uranium, actinium and thorium, but while uranium-derived lead has an atomic weight of 206, actinium- and thorium-derived lead weigh 207 and 208 respectively. »
« The isotopes found in nature are mostly stable, but a few dozen are radioactive or radioisotopes, i.e. they spontaneously disintegrate with the emission of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. »
« On 2 April I went to the Montefiore Medical Centre. Over the next four days, 8,000 rads of radioactive material were pumped into my brain: a dose so high that visitors had to protect themselves behind a lead shield. »
« Loneliness had always inspired fear in me, but all that time I sat unaccompanied in that hospital room while radioactive material was circulating through my brain to fight the tumour, I felt at peace. »

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