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Example sentences and phrases with the word casualties and other words derived from it.

« In May, news of heavy casualties shook Britain. »
« The Greeks were particularly good at inflicting casualties without taking many: the Persians supposedly lost 33 men for every Athenian lost in battle (6,400 Persians killed for 192 Athenians). »
« The Battle of Verdun, a huge German offensive that sought to break the stalemate in 1916, resulted in 540,000 casualties among the French and 430,000 among the Germans. It achieved nothing but carnage, with neither side gaining significant territorial concessions. »
« Ultimately, the Battle of the Somme produced 420,000 British casualties (i.e. killed, missing or wounded to the point of being unable to fight), 200,000 French casualties and 650,000 German casualties. A British poet later remarked that "the war had won" the battle, not the countries or the people. »
« At worst, commanders took an utterly ruthless view of their own casualties: tens or even hundreds of thousands of deaths were signs of "progress" in the war effort, because they meant that the other side must also run out of soldiers. This was a war of attrition on a new level, a war that soldiers and junior officers alike recognised was designed to kill them in the name of a possible final victory. »
« By 1943, a year and a half after the initial invasion, the Soviets were producing more military hardware than the Germans. Also, despite the relative success of the German invasion, Germany lost more than 1.4 million men as casualties in the first year. »
« World War II was unprecedented in its effects on civilian populations. Many previous wars of the modern era had largely spared civilians, and most casualties were limited to men who fought or logistically supported the fighting. »
« On 6 June 1944, known as D-Day, British, American and Canadian forces launched a surprise invasion across the English Channel with hundreds of thousands of troops (over 150,000 on the first day alone). After securing the coast, the Allies pressed steadily against the Germans, suffering heavy casualties in the process as the Germans refused to give ground without a brutal fight. »
« In part, Britain and the United States yielded to Soviet demands because of the incredible sacrifice of the Soviet people in the war; 90% of the casualties on the Allied side until 1944 were Soviet (mostly Russians, but also including millions of Ukrainians and Central Asians). »
« Between 1948 and 1953, more communists were killed by other communists than were killed by the Nazis during the war (that is, in terms of direct persecution of communists by the Nazis, not including the casualties of World War II itself). »
« The Korean War itself tore the country apart, with three million casualties (including 140,000 Americans), and a sharp ideological and economic divide between North and South that only grew stronger in the decades that followed. »

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