6 sentences with 'raging'

Example sentences and phrases with the word raging and other words derived from it.

« In 1915, the war Kipling had predicted was raging in Europe. »
« There are few pandas left. And a battle is raging on several fronts to stop the pandas' extinction. »
« Much of the explanation for this persecution can be found in the fact that his work was published against the backdrop of the religious war then raging in Europe; the Catholic Church was not a tolerant institution in the 17th century. »
« While the Greek uprising was raging in the eastern Mediterranean, revolution was once again brewing in France. »
« Even as socialist parties were growing in size and strength, another political and cultural conflict was raging: the emergence of feminism. »
« If we were to make this journey on foot across the boiling ground of the planet Venus, we would have to struggle against the heavy carbon dioxide and the enormous air pressure, as if we were pushing our way through a dense liquid. If the slightest breeze were blowing, three or four kilometres per hour, keeping our feet would require the same effort as it takes to fight against the raging current of a river. »
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