6 sentences with 'hired'

Example sentences and phrases with the word hired and other words derived from it.

« There, the woman hired to care for them beat and teased the frail little Rudyard, and censored the letters the children sent to their parents. »
« He hired the famous "Whiz Kids," a group of talented former U.S. Air Force officers, and put them under the orders of the new executive vice president, Ernest Breech, an aggressive manager whom he took out of General Motors when he hired him. »
« The company's managers, impressed, hired 100 people who had not passed the industry's regulatory test, but who had scored high in optimism. These people, who might never have been hired, sold ten percent more insurance than the average sales agent. »
« Her first employer hired her as "the equivalent of a master's degree," which she certainly had. »
« The Spartan king, Leonidas, and his troops held the Persian forces in place until the Spartans were betrayed by a Greek hired by the Persians to reveal a way for the Persians to encircle the Greeks and eventually overwhelm them. »
« He hired mercenaries to supplement his Macedonian troops, ending up with the largest army Macedonia had ever seen. »

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