7 sentences with 'kidney'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kidney and other words derived from it.

« Jim became ill with kidney failure and had to undergo dialysis, which prevented him from continuing to travel. Still, he did not stop writing. »
« Tests can detect kidney disease, diabetes or infection. However, kidney diseases are not detected with sufficient certainty to make these tests an absolute truth. »
« But when she learned that her sister Mikr needed a kidney transplant, she asked in her prayers that a compatible donor be found. This is worth praying for, she thought. »
« Before a year had passed, Miki had a new kidney, donated by a woman who, moved by her situation, underwent a blood test and found out that it was a perfect match for her. »
« The researchers caution, however, that long-term use of some of these drugs can cause ulcers and kidney damage. »
« "At the clinic they diagnosed me with kidney stones and told me: -We don't have space, but we can install it in the corridor-. And so they did. »
« This leads to altered kidney function, which in turn causes the blood chemistry to adapt more slowly to change. As the blood becomes less purified and circulates more slowly, tissues, especially the ultra-sensitive nervous system, stop functioning properly. »

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