5 sentences with 'unimaginable'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unimaginable and other words derived from it.

« Organ transplants became a reality in the 1950s. In this way, life itself could be extended in previously unimaginable ways. »
« In the spring of 1990, while the film was being edited, the unimaginable happened: Stephen and Jane separated after 25 years of marriage. »
« This is the fog that also envelops the dark, dense ocean of this planet, unable to make waves under the unimaginable pressure of Jupiter. »
« In countless cases, adaptation to the environment forced living creatures to perform unimaginable feats in order to survive. Among them, learning to fly. »
« It happened once upon a time some fifteen to twenty billion years ago. What we know today as the universe was nothing more than an unimaginable flash of light and energy. It was a thousandth of a second after the big explosion, the Big Bang. The seed of matter was scattered through the still-flaming halls of space. »
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