6 sentences with 'eighty'

Example sentences and phrases with the word eighty and other words derived from it.

« Ptolemy, who lived centuries after Aristotle, elaborated on the Aristotelian system and claimed that there was not one, but about eighty spheres, one inside the other, which explained the fact that the different celestial bodies did not all move in the same direction and at the same speed. »
« King Leopold II of Belgium's acquisition of the Congo was larger than England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy combined; it was eighty times larger than Belgium itself. »
« Now, we are going to turn one hundred and eighty degrees in our ship. »
« But look at Uranus: it's almost in the plane of the solar system. So its north pole receives direct sunlight for a quarter of the Uranian year, which lasts eighty or four Earth years. So the polar night of Uranus lasts forty-two long Earth years. »
« It costs three hundred and eighty dollars and weighs fifteen kilograms. »
« About eighty neighbours gathered in a church next to the convent of San Francisco and elected Lavalle as governor. He delegated command to Admiral Brown and set off in pursuit of ex-governor Dorrego. »

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