6 sentences with 'hindered'

Example sentences and phrases with the word hindered and other words derived from it.

« The same factors that had hindered the reform of the Church before the Protestant break made it strong as an institution opposed to the new Protestant denominations: habit, ritual, organisation, discipline, hierarchy and wealth all worked to preserve the Church's power and influence. »
« The Habsburgs, however, found that the diversity of their domains greatly hindered their ability to develop along absolutist lines. »
« The reason Britain was by far the leading industrial power is that its parliament was full of believers in the principles of free trade, which meant that commercial enterprises were not hindered by archaic restrictions or cultural prejudices. »
« Many Russian elites believed that one of the reasons Russia had lost the war was its backwardness, a backwardness that Tsar Alexander II and many others believed could not be mitigated by the serfdom that hindered the possibility of progress. »
« He perfected tortures, eliminated, by dagger or poison, all those who crossed his path or hindered his designs, and it was even said that incest was among his habits. »
« In the colonies, patriotic groups such as the Sons of Liberty led boycotts of British goods and took violent action that hindered British officials. »

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