Sentences with 'persistent'

Example sentences and phrases with the word persistent and other words derived from it.

« Within the Church, there were widespread and persistent calls for reform to better respond to the needs of the laity and to better meet the moral standards of the Church. »
« When, in the autumn of 1988, Joyce Addison, a 37-year-old photographer, began to suffer from persistent abdominal pain, her doctor diagnosed her with gallbladder disorders and suggested that she refrain from eating fatty foods. »
« Such symptoms can correspond to literally hundreds of conditions, some mild and some perhaps lethal. If you have persistent symptoms and tests fail to produce an unequivocal diagnosis, beware: you are a "medical enigma". »
« Excited to the marrow of their bones and imbued with purpose, they were ready to take on the opposing team, whose members, according to persistent rumours, wore razor blades in their knee pads. »

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